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Meditation and mindfulness give us the tools to feel safe together—especially in challenging and ever-changing times.  Creativity asks us to be be brave—vulnerable, bold, and playful—so we can evolve together.  From weekly sessions (online or in-person), to 1/2 day and full day programs, RESET workshops create deep bonds between team members quickly, and give them the tools to continue to thrive.

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Kurt is a rare and wonderful soul who creates a bridge for others to find their inner voice.   He cultivates deep connection with individuals and also knows how to weave a group together.  He provides both structure and freedom for people to bring the work of their heart to life.

— Molly Birkholm,

Co-Founder of Warriors at Ease

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Kurt has a gift of shaping wisdom into powerful moving poetry that stirs imaginations and stokes hearts. We delivered a mesmerizing experience for the senior-executives at Verizon that left everyone deeply moved and inspired to become visionary leaders of our human future. It was nothing short of exceptional and profound. 

— Caroline Chubb Calderon, CEO of HelloHumanity

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