Ian Priven x Medi Club 5 Year Anniversar

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Ian Priven x Medi Club 5 Year Anniversar

Inquire about our 12-week intro program and ongoing support.

Inquire about our 12-week intro program and ongoing support.

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My creativity

has always expressed itself in stories.  Stories where words, movement, and music combine to thread a tapestry of a truth — that we belong to each other.  You can find more of my poetry and films at www.KurtPeloquin.com, including my book of poetry and prompts, "Childish Things." In the meantime, here is a piece I wrote and filmed with my wife Katie, to welcome our daughter Willow into the world:

Caroline Chubb Anderson,

CEO at HelloHumanity

Kurt has a gift of shaping wisdom into powerful moving poetry that stirs imaginations and stokes hearts. We delivered a mesmerizing experience for the senior-executives at Verizon that left everyone deeply moved and inspired to become visionary leaders of our human future. It was nothing short of exceptional and profound. 

Pedro Zenteno,

Academic Director,

The Global Leaders Program

Even in the time of social distancing and Zoom gatherings, Kurt managed to create an intensely personal experience that helped attendees feel present, connected, and attentive to each other. 

Marion Cortina,

Creative Director & Co-Founder, LUAN Emotional Museum

Kurt is a beautiful soul, who creates internal pathways for others to find their inner voice, and discover & unlock our creative artist. Working with Kurt was amazing, the session he guided was full of emotions, connections, and it was a safe space to explore what is our truth. 

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