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The 2nd E of RESET Stands for Exploration

Here's a RESETs (22 mins) for finding tranquility with the practice of Tonglen.

As meditators, we are each explorers of truly unique terrain, our human minds — the lens with which all of our reality is filtered. The magic of this practice is, over time, we begin to understand how very interwoven our mind is with our body, and the rest of our reality.

At the Oscar winning studio Pixar, before they start working on a new script, every writer is charged with one assignment: Go learn something new.

Practicing curiosity deeply, is an exercise in awe. Awe is a pathway to humility — acknowledging how little we truly know — a type of humility that leads us to growth and gratitude. How marvelous this world is; this life; this moment.

What might it feel like to experience this meditation, and the rest of your day, through child-like eyes?

What might you learn? What might you share?

With gratitude,


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