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The T of RESET Stands for Time and Transformation

Here's a Daily RESET (20 mins) for using Tonglen for transformation.

Time and Transformation, the twins of our existence swimming in the ever changing current of our lives. Yet...

It can be so easy for me

to grasp so tightly

to the shoreline of every

belief and need

I need to believe,

I am worthy of this life.

So, what might it take to let go of the shoreline and drift in the current of change? When Hindu monks are taught their first school lessons at the age of 5, they do not learn the alphabet or numbers. They learn how to breathe — the only thing we can control (somewhat), which stays with us from birth until death. Take a moment now to breathe... One day we will breathe our last breath. We cannot know when. And these teachings tell us, the only thing that can help us when death arrives is our karma namely the wisdom and compassion you have planted, watered, and harvested with your time. Allow this idea to marinate. Perhaps, as I have found, it may fill you with immense gratitude for your life, and the motivation to practice what matters most to you. In closing, the more we understand time, the more we understand transformation — the rhythm in all things. In breathing meditation, we witness this natural rhythm of our breath and body, compassionately releasing our desire to attach ourselves to thoughts and feelings about who we are OR who we are supposed to be. Today, I invite you to become mindful of the change in you, and the parts of you that are uncomfortable with change. Knowing your time is a precious gift, how might you lean into change in order to participate in transformation on your own terms? Gratefully, Kurt

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